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Providence Speech & Hearing Center

Our mission at Providence Speech and Hearing Center is to provide the highest quality services available in the identification, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of speech and hearing disorders for persons of all ages. Providence was founded in 1965 by Speech-Pathologist Margaret Anne Inman, Ph.D. in a single room at St. Joseph Hospital. As one of the only speech and hearing centers in Orange County that is accredited by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), Providence is a recognized leader in its field. We currently provide services to over 12,000 people each year 70% of the families we serve are classified as low-income The racial/ethnic breakout of our patients is 30% Caucasian, 65% Hispanic, 5% other.
Mission Statement

To help individuals with hearing loss or speech and language impairments enrich their lives by providing them with auditory and oral communication skills.

History and Services

The HEAR Center was founded in 1954 by Ciwa Griffith, Ed.D., a pioneer who spearheaded the audiological testing of newborns and inclusive education for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. A national leader in the field and influential researcher, Dr. Griffiths developed revolutionary approaches that have become the standard today, such as the use of amplification for infants and the teaching of speech to small children through the 'Auditory Approach.' Throughout her tenure and that of her successor, Josephine Wilson, the Center expanded its audiological services, helping thousands of children and adults achieve their life's goals. In July 2007, Ellen Simon became the Center's third Executive Director after 24 years as Clinical Audiologist.

The HEAR Center is the only nonprofit audiological and speech therapy center in the San Gabriel Valley. We serve nearly 2,000 individuals each year with an array of programs, including:

Address 1301 Providence Avenue
Orange, CA
Email lsmith@pshc.org
Website http://www.PSHC.org
Type Health & Rehabilitative Services