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Kids come in all shapes, sizes and abilities. CVS Caremark All Kids Can is connecting parents, experts and community organizations to support children with disabilities.

Including Samuel


CVS Caremark partners with the film director of the award winning documentary INCLUDING SAMUEL to build awareness about the importance of inclusion
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Walk With Me New

Walk with Me

Come join us as we walk to rasie money and awareness about the needs of children and adults with disabilities. CVS Caremark is a nation sponsor of Easter Seals' Walk with Me events nationwide.
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Parent/Teacher Resources New

Parent/Teacher Resources

All Kids Can Grant Recipients are local, regional and national organizations which have a proven record of success in working collaboratively...
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  • 09/08/2014
    All Kids Can spoke with Dr. Beata Nelken, Pediatrician and Medical Director of Community Health Programs at Thundermist Health Center in Rhode Island, about her role in supporting families and children in her community, and Links to Success - the organization’s newest program targeting at-risk behaviors in young adolescents. CVS Health is a long-time supporter of Thundermist and recently awarded them a $60,000 grant through the CVS Health Foundation.
  • 08/12/2014
    CVS Caremark is proud to partner with the Cetaphil® brand for a second year to help give children living with chronic skin diseases the chance to attend the Children’s Skin Disease Foundation’s Camp Wonder, a medically-staffed summer program that gives children who suffer from serious and fatal skin diseases the opportunity to experience the joy of summer camp in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • 05/12/2014
    CVS Caremark All Kids Can spoke with Darcie Mersereau, Vice President of Health Programs for Special Olympics about the Healthy Young Athletes program, which provides health care services and support, early childhood intervention, and preventative education to children with intellectual disabilities aged 2 1/2-7 years old. CVS Caremark All Kids Can has awarded a $50,000 grant to Special Olympics to help expand Healthy Young Athletes clinics across the country.